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Student and Parent Resources

Institutional Resources
Our team can assist you with a variety of services from re-structuring, resource utilization, program planning, team development and training. See Services for a listing of our offerings.

College Students with Special Needs

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act mandate that colleges and universities must make their programs accessible to qualified students and must provide "reasonable accommodations" to students with documented disabilities.

The challenges and complexities of providing appropriate and effective services can be daunting for many institutions who struggle to interpret and implement these regulations.

We can help your institution:

  • review its existing procedures and programs

  • develop a more comprehensive program

  • train staff and faculty about disability issues

  • educate staff about the scope of services that colleges must provide and about disabled studentsí rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

  • ensure that you are in compliance with Federal and State regulations regarding disability services

  • establish programs to support and help retain students with disabilities

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Student and Parent Resources
We assist parents and their college-age child with making the choices that "fit" and enable a positive transition to college life. Our team can assist the parent with asking the right questions, to choosing a college, understanding the finances, to making a successful transition for both parent and student into the world of higher education.

College Students with Special Needs

Making the transition from high school to college is an exciting, albeit nerve racking, time for most students and their families. This is particularly true for students with disabilities (hidden or otherwise). The very process of choosing and then applying to a college can be daunting. Students who relied on the support of their parents and others, must now navigate and negotiate for themselves. While a studentís rights to "reasonable accommodations" are protected under the law, the exact nature of the accommodation often depends on the student's ability to negotiate with a professor or college administrator. Learning to meet one's specific needs without compromising the dignity of oneself or others is a difficult, yet worthy challenge.

Parents, too, are learners in this process and may also need to develop new skills and behaviors. While parents had to be strong advocates for their sons or daughters in prior school years, in college it is the students' responsibility to act on their own behalf. College provides students with opportunities to learn how to problem solve, to draw on their own resources, and to seek the assistance of support staff if necessary. Parents may need to learn to allow their children to make independent decisions and discover the consequences of their own actions.

We recognize that these changes and opportunities can be overwhelming and sometimes frightening. We feel confident that we can provide support and practical assistance in:

  • Helping students identify what they want to get out of the college experience

  • Helping students understand their disability and its impact on their cognitive, emotional, and social needs.

  • Helping students identify their cognitive and emotional strengths as well as their limitations

  • Educating students about the scope of services that colleges must provide for them and about their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

  • Helping students anticipate the types of accommodations they will need in order to be successful

  • Helping students obtain necessary and appropriate documentation of their disability

  • Coaching students on how to effectively communicate with others about their disability

  • Coaching students on how to successfully advocate for themselves

  • Coaching students on time management, stress reduction, and organizational techniques

  • Counseling students and parents as they approach this major life transition and developmental milestone.

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