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  Organizational Development
Crisis Managment
Student Development
Professional Development
Mental Health

Organizational Development
Revitalizing Student Affairs

Organizations whether large or small are often in need of revitalization. The areas most in need of revitalization are staff morale, organizational restructuring and building a comfortable yet productive work environment and climate. Innovative College Solutions can assist you with strengthening your organization and building a solid framework for change and staff development.

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Crisis Managment
Surviving the Chaos

  • Emergency Protocol Planning

  • Disaster Management

  • Bereavement

  • Post-Suicide Management

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Student Development
Putting New Energy Into Student Life

Campus Activities
At Innovative College Solutions we are experts in the field of student affairs, and campus activities. We can assist you with many innovative ideas for Leadership Development, Building Community, Shifting Campus Culture and Violence Prevention. It’s not just about pizza and movies anymore…move into the 21st century in terms of programs, education and intervention.

Innovative College Solutions can assist you with planning all of your orientations, from academic to student services, for new and transfers, to international and non-traditional students, to summer and January orientations, and for greater parent involvement in planning all of your orientation needs.

Persistence/Retention: Converting Risk to Reward
Ever wonder why a student leaves their dream college after two week or the first semester? We can assist the student and institutions in developing a consistent and realistic retention plan. We have ideas on persistence, retention and simple suggestions that will boost the retention rate of institutions from the cradle to the grave, as they say, meaning, from freshmen year to graduation!

Residential Life
Our team has several years’ experience in developing and revitalizing all aspects of college residential life organizations. Whether you need assistance in asking the right questions as parents or students, or on the college level, revitalizing programs, services, interventions, education and training, we are the ones on your side.

Community Building

  • Global Citizenship

  • Civic Competency

  • Multicultural Awareness

  • Homophobia/Heterosexual Bias

  • Shifting Campus Culture

  • Linking Multiple Campuses


  • Identifying Students-at-Risk

  • Harm Reduction Programs
    - Alcohol/Other Drugs
    - Eating Disorders
    - HIV/AIDS/STD’s

  • Stress Management

  • Peer Education Programs

Students with Disabilities

  • American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

  • Program Services Development

  • Faculty/Staff Training

  • Documenting Disabilities

  • Determining Reasonable Accommodations

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Professional Development

Students of the New Millennium

  • Understanding and Serving Today’s Student

Personnel Selection

  • Professional Conference Selection Process

  • Application Screening and Interviewing

  • Affirmative Action

Faculty Development

  • Engaging Faculty in Student Services

  • Faculty-in-Residence Programs

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Mental Health

Over the past 10 years, college and university counseling centers have experienced a sharp increase in demand for mental health services. As a broader spectrum of the American population seeks higher education, a broader array of psychological problems surface on our campuses. Increasing rates of anxiety, depression, learning disorders, and suicide challenge counseling center resources, which are often shrinking or slow to meet the demands for increased service. Such demands require professional, innovative solutions.

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